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The International High School Screenwriting Contest is for high schoolers who enjoy writing short and feature length screenplays. Your screenplays will be read and judged by our professional judges.

Every script will be rated and the highest rated screenplays will progress onto the next round, and hopefully might even reach the finals.

The top scripts will be moved to the finals, where they'll be read by all the judges who will then decide on the winners. Good luck!

Categories Open This Season

This season we are proud to announce, for the third year running: The Climate Change Screenwriting Award, which was inspired by the recent IPCC report and the importance of teaching teenagers about climate change. This award is designed to spread awareness about climate change to high schoolers around the world.

As a special jury we have secured the participation of BASE - Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy, a Swiss Foundation and Specialized Partner of the United Nations Environment, that specializes on driving investment in climate solutions.

Learn more about this new category on the Climate Change Screenwriting Award Page. In addition we have categories for Features and Short Scripts.

Image by Mike Palmowski

Our Story

The International High School Screenwriting Contest was created by high schoolers for high schoolers. We wanted a screenwriting competition that was free and of high quality, and we couldn't find any. So we created our own. 

The International High School Screenwriting Contest provides a way for students to share their work, compete against others, and join a community of young screenwriters. 

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