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How We Handle Your Screenplay

Its important to you as submitters to know how we handle your writing, and we'll show you in 4 easy steps.

Step One

You submit your screenplay through our Film Freeway page for FREE

Step Two

Your screenplay is passed down to one of the IHSSC team to be read and judged. 

Step Three

Our judges will rate the scripts to find the top three (top five in the case of the Climate Change Screenwriting Award) scripts in each category. 

Step Four (For Short and Feature Screenplays)

Finally our head judges will read the top three scripts from each category and from there decide on a winner!

Step Four (for the Climate Change Screenwriting Award)

After our judges have found the top five scripts of the Climate Change Screenwriting category these scripts will be sent to a judging panel at the Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy The judging panel at BASE will judge the top five scripts on their scientific realism of climate change and their use of character diversity. From there they will choose the third, second, and first place winners. 

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